Personalised Chocolate Wedding Favours & Gifts

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Wedding Box
Congratulate the newlyweds with this sober, elegant casket, adorned with touches of white, silver and gold. It includes two cut-outs in the shape of doves, the universal symbol of weddings everywhere, showing 400g of personalised M&M's® inside. The casket simply slides open. Finally, an original wedding present idea to give your guests a treat.
Set of 1.5kg Bag + 100 pillow boxes to be filled
Starting at £105.00
Surprise your guests! Fill your pillow box with M & M's® personalised using the theme and colours of your event for a table decoration that reflects your personality. One pillow box holds 15g of M & M's®. A kit contains: 1.5Kg personalised M&M's® and 100 pouches (€0.5/piece, material: transparent PS (polystyrene), Dimensions: Length: 80mm / Width: 35mm / Thickness: 13 mm).
Set of 1.5kg Bag + 24 do it yourself pots
Starting at £109.00
Make your table decoration yourself! Fill your small jars with M&M's® in colours that match your event. This small jar will be an unforgettable gift for your guests and will adorn your table to perfection. One jar can hold 67g of personalised M&M's®. Set contains: 1,5kg of customized M&M's® and 24 small jars (Material of the jar : transparent PS (polystyrene) / steel fastening, Dimensions: Diameter : 48mm / Height : 83mm).
Set of 1.5kg Bag + 40 do it yourself hearts
Starting at £119.00
Offer your guests an unforgettable gift. Fill this transparent plastic heart with M&M's® yourself in colours that match your event for a unique table decoration. It can be placed on a table or hung up thanks to its small opening to which you can attach a ribbon. It can hold up to 37g of M&M's®. Set contains: 1.5 kg of customised M&M's® and 40 hearts (€0.50/unit, Hearts made of: transparent PS (polystyrene), Dimensions: Height 70mm / Width 65mm / Thickness 40mm).
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