Christmas Chocolate Gifts

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Design Case
Starting at £3.24
Present your My M&M's® in this refined design case containing 28g customised M&M's®. This square ultra thin and transparent case will allow your My M&M's® to stand upright on a table thanks to a tab integrated on the back of the case. The gift that all your guests will remember! 
Small Bag
Starting at £3.24
A 40 g individual bag of My M&M's® allows you to leave a souvenir for each of your guests or makes an original alternative to traditional invitation or Thank You cards.
Starting at £3.74
Offer an unforgettable gift to your guests with this tube, a must-have at all big events! With MyM&M's® in the colours that match your theme, this tube will add the perfect finishing touches to your table decorations. This transparent tube contains 43g of MyM&M's® and can stand upright.
Design Bag
Starting at £3.84
This modern and elegant translucent white arch will enhance your messages, providing an innovative, surprising addition to all your events, whether a wedding, christening or birthday.
Gift Box
This elegant shiny box contains a 300 g bag with your message. It is the perfect gift format for offering personalised My M&M's®. 
1.5kg Bag 
Starting at £85.00
This practical, economy-size 1.5 kg bag of My M&M's® is perfect for presenting your personalised M&M's® in your own wrapping. 
Set of 1.5 kg bag + 30 balls to fill and 30 ribbons
Starting at £109.00
Impress your guests with a table decoration that really is you. Each ball can hold 50g of M&M’s. Each kit contains: 1.5kg of personalised M&M’s, 30 transparent balls (material: polystyrène, Diameter: 60mm) and 30 gold ribbons
Set of 1.5kg Bag + 24 do it yourself pots
Starting at £109.00
Make your table decoration yourself! Fill your small jars with M&M's® in colours that match your event. This small jar will be an unforgettable gift for your guests and will adorn your table to perfection. One jar can hold 67g of personalised M&M's®. Set contains: 1,5kg of customized M&M's® and 24 small jars (Material of the jar : transparent PS (polystyrene) / steel fastening, Dimensions: Diameter : 48mm / Height : 83mm).
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