Mother's day mix

Personalised chocolates make for a unique Mother's Day!

Mother's day mix

Tick-Tock, Tick Tock - Mother's Day is drawing closer! Whether you are young or old, do you still not know what to give your mum but would really love to give her something personal and something chocolatey? Try My M&M’s®! With My M&M’s® you can make your chocolate treats unique to celebrate Mother's Day. All you have to do is choose the colour of your chocolates, an appropriate photo or clipart and your message to your mum. This is the perfect occasion to show her how much you love her with these colourful chocolate treats. Your mum will just melt when she opens your original, thoughtful and yummy gift!

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Birth Box

A first Mother's Day is amazing!

What better to offer the mother of your child than personalised M&M’s® to mark a recent birth? Dads, it's time to be a gentleman by offering this personal, sweet and thoughtful chocolate gift from your child. Nothing could be simpler; just give us your message and your photo or clipart and pick your packaging. By the way, when it comes to presents, are you more new baby gift box or heart or flower gift box with a mug? Either way, there is something for everyone, and for all those with a sweet tooth! Don't wait any longer; My M&M’s® will help you celebrate Mother's Day by making sure all mums are spoiled rotten!!

Father's day box + red mug

And that goes for dads too!

We're not going to lie - dads are the ones who love a treat the most! So for Father's Day, delicious personalised M&M’s® are a sure fire winner! The principle is the same: choose a colour for your favourite chocolates, then your message and photo or ideal clipart. As for the packaging, My M&M's® has chosen a stylish gift box with a bow tie on a blue background for you - and it comes with a mug too. Also, if you want to really impress your child's dad on his first Father's Day, the new baby gift box will do the trick and leave him speechless. So try it out; My M&M's ® is here for you on these symbolic occasions and makes it possible for you to offer a personalised, chocolate gift that always goes down well!

Mix Father's Day

My M&M's Father's Day Mix