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Leaving gift : customize your m&ms

Leaving gift: a sweet way to say farewell

Your colleague is changing jobs, your boss is retiring, your work placement student is going back to the classroom… You can count on My M&M’s® when it comes to finding an original, personalised leaving gift that is spot on! Bring a little joy into the leaving do and give the person leaving something really sweet to remember you by!

Leaving gift : customize your m&ms

Personalise your special baby shower decorations

Did you enjoy working with your colleague, did you appreciate your boss or did you have a good laugh with your work placement student? Say it with M&M’s®! On our website, you can personalise everything to suit the relationship you had with the person who is celebrating their leaving. From bright colours to remember creative and fun times to pastel shades representing the nostalgia you will feel once they have gone or the mix of emotions you are feeling, you can perfect your choice to end up with a leaving gift that is both subtle and evocative of your unique relationship. Search your imagination or your computer files to find a funny photo or a well-meaning word and wrap it all up in packaging of your choice!

My M&M’s®: a leaving gift to suit all

Whether it is your boss, your colleague or your work placement student who is leaving, personalised M&M’s® are always appropriate. You get to choose the colour, the text, the image and the packaging for your gift, whatever suits your relationship with them! With My M&M’s®, you can be formal, playful, teasing, simple, excited or warm for example. You control everything so you can make sure you end up with a gift that suits the occasion. In any case, no-one can resist a yummy box of delicious chocolates!