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Halloween : customize your m&ms

Halloween candy for family and friends

Pumpkins are growing, trick-or-treaters are starting to think about what costume they could wear and how to decorate their house in the spookiest way possible… you guessed it, Halloween is almost here! To celebrate this scary yet amazing holiday, why not use some colourful and personalised My M&M's® Halloween treats?

Halloween : customize your m&ms

Getting some ideas for your Halloween party

If you are planning a fun and exciting Halloween party, look no further, all the ideas you need for unique Halloween decorations and candy are right here on My M&M's®. Halloween food is typically orange and black, so why not use those colours to personalise some coated chocolate treats! They will bewitch adults and cast a sweet spell on children at your Halloween party. You could sprinkle some on your table for a great colourful effect, fill glasses with them or even hand them out at the end as party favours… what a treat!

Halloween decorations

The kids’ Halloween costumes are ready, the spiders’ webs are up and the pumpkins have been carved into the scariest of shapes and faces – all you are missing now are some table decorations for your bewitching Halloween party! By designing unique My M&M's® treats, you will amaze your guests with their originality, enchant children with their delicious taste and add a touch of colour to your table decoration. A good Halloween party would not be complete without some tasty chocolate treats as part of your Halloween party food, so why not personalise your own candy for the ultimate Halloween experience! Kids can dig in whilst enjoying all the fun and games at your party.

Making Halloween cakes and cookies

Are you organising a party at your house or have you been invited to your friends or family, and offered to bring a cake or some cookies for this special occasion? There are so many cakes and cookies recipes out there, it is sometimes hard to choose the best. But if you want to please adults and children alike, and amaze them with your delicious and wonderfully-decorated Halloween cakes and cookies, then look no further! My M&M's® come in a variety of colours and you can even personalise the text or design on them. Using them as decorations on your baked Halloween treats will be a fantastic surprise for everyone and if you choose black and orange as your colours, you will be sure to make your Halloween party the best ever!

 My M&M's Halloween Mix

My M&M's Halloween Mix