The wedding: decorate your tables with originality and taste

My M&M's wedding-heart-table-decoration On your wedding day, the decoration is particularly important, it gives your guests a special welcome and helps make your day unforgettable. Decoration can be difficult though and it's not always easy to choose a theme (create a link to the other article) and come up with original ideas. Give your imagination free rein for unique decoration that reflects your special union.

Striking details for stylish decoration!

My M&M's wedding diy tube decoration For decoration everyone will enjoy, all you need is beautiful table decoration and flowers! Take care over the details to create elegant decoration your guests will never forget.
Dried petals, decorative stones and pearls can be replaced with a tastier solution: personalised M&M's chocolates!

First personalise your My M&M's with your picture: a large range of colours are available and you can choose the message, photo or clipart you want printed on your chocolates.

M&M's that match your decoration and delight sweet-lovers

Once your M&M's have been personalised, place them in a way that perfectly complements your decoration: in tubes, gift boxes, scattered across the table, or placed in special containers! Choose from a wide range of options to create the decoration you have always dreamed of for this special day.

Design your own M&M's