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Organise your wedding: Gift ideas that will surprise your guests

My M&M's Wedding tube table decoration It is customary to offer your guests a small gift at your wedding, to thank them for coming and for sharing in your happiness. The bitesize sweet box is a much-loved and very common gift, but it won't surprise your guests. So here are some ideas that will!

Replace traditional bitesize chocolates with an original gift

My M&M's candy table decoration As a replacement for standard bitesize chocolates, fall in love with personalised M&M's: colours, messages, photos or Clipart... every detail chosen by you! We have a range of options for decorating your tables with your personalised chocolates, each more original than the next.

A multitude of possibilities for unique presentation

If you like the tradition of the sweet box, you'll fall for one of our two models, either the simplest or the most original. A wedding favor in the shape of a heart is the perfect give for a romantic wedding... Simply order our 1.5 kg sachet with 20 ready-to-fill hearts. Choose between pots, transparent tubes and decorative cases that can be filled and placed on your tables: the possibilities are endless! Give free rein to your creative side and organise a wedding that reflects your style with My M&M's.

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