Wedding: surprise your guests with an original gift

My M&M's Wedding favours When organising a wedding it is customary to offer your guests a gift as a memory of your special day and to thank them for coming. Of all the traditional gifts, wedding chocolates are the ones people often think of first. Though hugely popular they have become slightly outdated now that more modern gifts are available that respond better to the style of modern weddings and wedding ceremonies. Want to offer your guests an original gift at your wedding? Then take your pick!

Personalised M&M's, an original alternative to traditional chocolate favours

My M&Ms allows you to be innovative and offer your guests a more original gift than simple chocolate wedding favours: personalised M&M's! Choose from 15 colours and have your choice of message, photo or Clipart printed on your chocolates. There is a huge range of options available for creating your personalised chocolates to ensure they fit in perfectly with your decoration.

Find the perfect packaging for your guests' gifts

Your guests will be blown away by your personalised M&M's that will remind them of your special day every time they taste them....But what about the packaging? My M&M's offers a wide range of elegant, original packaging perfectly adapted to your wants and needs. Fall in love with our gift boxes, the perfect decoration for your reception that your guests will adore!

Design your own M&M's