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Organise your wedding: Make-places, wedding annoucement, get it yummy!

My M&M's Wedding name tags place cards Wedding invitations and place-markers are often used at events such as weddings... They help you announce the event to your guests, plan seating arrangements and ensure your ceremony runs smoothly, but they are also an important part of the decoration that mustn't be forgotten! For original place-markers and invitations, add a gourmet twist!

My M&M's offers a range of solutions to stun and impress your guests before and during your wedding!

The wedding invitation, an important first impression not to be overlooked

An essential custom for announcing your wedding and inviting your loved ones, the wedding invitation is often sent as a simple invitation card with just a touch of individuality. An original wedding invitation will enthuse your guests and get them excited to find out what lies in store for them at your wedding!

For a tasty and personalised wedding invitation, My M&M's recommends the "eco-case". With its square and flat shape, it slides easily into an envelope, accompanied by a short note that includes all the information your guests need: date, location, theme, etc. Attach the note to the decorated case or slide it inside, then customize your pack with ribbons, glitter or stickers... You can also personalise your M&M's sweets: photos, text or Clipart - you choose what you want printed on the sweets in the colour of your choice.

The place-marker, an essential piece of decoration

My M&M's Wedding tube name tags place cards.jpg The place-marker plays a similar role to the wedding invite: it makes your guests feel a part of your special day and provides them with a special welcome - so choose it carefully! My M&M's offers innovative packaging that will stun your guests and allow you to create personalised, original place-markers: a transparent tube that you can place on tables or at your guests' place-setting. Choose M&M's in your preferred colour and personalise them with your own style, then decorate the tube with your guests names.

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