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What is the origin of Valentine’s Day ? Find out with My M&M’s

What is the origin of Valentine's Day? Such a mystery!

Valentine's Day takes place on 14 February. It is said to be the lovers' holiday: so it is the perfect occasion for couples to give each other small gifts and prove their love to one another. Chocolates, flowers, cards, sweets, perfume...there are so many gift ideas to celebrate this special day. Why not indulge in some personalised M&M's sweets?

When and how was Valentine's Day born?

Valentine's Day Hearts Love

The origin of the all-popular Valentine's Day celebrations actually stems from people's beliefs instead of historical facts! Its origin is therefore quite mysterious. Let's go back to the 14th century to try and understand the origin of this popular celebration. At the time, the 14th of February was considered to be a day for lovers in Great Britain: according to beliefs, that was the day the birds would mate. The two Valentines started sending each other love letters! In addition, pope Alexander VI named Valentin de Terni, a martyr priest, as the patron saint of lovers in 1456. Valentine's Day became a non-denominational celebration during the 20th century.

Making your Valentine's Day unforgettable

How to make your Valentine's Day unique? What is the secret to a great party? Obviously, nothing says you have to follow tradition and give conventional gifts! You can choose between a dinner at home or date night with your loved one! Or why not both? In any case it is important for you to create a romantic atmosphere, for a loving and discussion-filled evening. Our personalised sweets will help you in that task and bring a touch of originality! Depending on your partner's taste, you can choose to give them a chic little casing, a lovely sachet or a more standard box. You could even place some on your plates or on the table for the perfect decor.

Personalised chocolates to celebrate Valentine's Day

The My M&M's.fr website is perfect for letting your creativity run free, by personalising some chocolate treats: what better way to surprise your loved one! Simply choose the colours, quantity and packaging. You can then add a symbolic photo or text you love. Once again, there are so many possibilities: a date, a sentence, a word, your names, etc. All you need then is to set out the personalised chocolates wherever you like!

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