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Christmas is a time full of gifts and good wishes. Choosing the right present is so important, even if it's for your business. Sometimes the thought counts more than the surprise of a beautiful gift. This importance can also be expressed with a lovely message of good wishes, written from the heart and carefully wrapped. Essentially, a Christmas card is the easiest to tell someone in your life that they deserve your love.

Stand out with an original Christmas greeting

When you want to wish someone a Merry Christmas in an original way, use a message to move that person, perhaps reminding them of a special moment in your life or an experience that will bond you together forever. Once you know exactly what emotions you want to bring out, choosing what to say is easy. You can draw your inspiration from poetry or write your own, include a line from your favourite film or from a song from your childhood, or use words of wisdom from a famous person. If you want to be even more original, you can use a simple image to express all your feelings.

Now all you have to do is choose the card

Once you've figured out the most original message for expressing your Christmas wishes, all you have to do is choose an equally original card to go with it. And remember that chocolate is a great way to bring happiness and smiles and fill hearts with sweetness. So we suggest giving chocolates with every greeting card. You can personalise My M&M's® chocolates and choose the best wrapping for your Christmas message.

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