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Who said that you have to use a card and a pen to write original words in wishing someone a Merry Christmas?
With My M&M's® you can personalise the colour of the chocolates and include your own message on them.
And if you'd rather make an impression without words, you can select some clipart from our website or upload your favourite picture to be printed on the chocolates. You can even include a traditional Christmas card or greeting card.

To show that you love and care for someone, it is important to go that extra step with an original, personalised way of expressing your Christmas wishes.
It all starts with the tastefully designed boxes, which make My M&M's® really stand out on the table, or those little pouches that will astound everyone with their originality. Then, translucent white wrapping captures your message beautifully, with whatever feeling you want to express through your gift of chocolates. Your friends and loved ones will be at a loss for words.

Find the perfect gift wrapping for your message.

To make your message special and choose the best card for your Christmas, personalise My M&M's® with everything you need: chocolates, a message and wrapping. Add a unique message to your Christmas gift or simply express your best wishes.

Design You Own M&M's