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Getting the table ready for Christmas day is one of the most creative and gratifying moments of the holidays.
When you want to make Christmas fun, elegant, exciting and above all original, your first step is decorating the Christmas table. If you're looking for the right inspiration, start with a colour theme and then carefully choose your place cards, centrepiece and decorations in line with your idea. It's really easy to make your own decorations by hand and you can experiment with so many techniques to create them.
For example, blend water, cornflour and sodium bicarbonate into a soft paste that you can mould into the shape you want. Or pop up some popcorn and glue it onto a polystyrene ring to make an original wreath.

Make your holiday table special

Give your table an extra dash of Christmas excitement by adding a few precious details. To accompany your lunch and dinner dishes, serve biscuits cut into fun shapes with a Christmas theme. Or play with that Christmas theme using hors d'oeuvres. You can also let your imagination run free with some colourful treats. For example, make a centrepiece out of dainty biscuit trees or a basket of dried fruit. The place cards can be a snowman made of sesame or a reindeer in pizza dough. And you can of course tie in the colour and flavour of My M&M's® to bring a touch of Christmas cheer to the table by combining the colours of the My M&M's® chocolates and pouches or playing on the chocolate flavour to make that special day even sweeter, perhaps spent over a meal with the whole family.

Personalised My M&M's® for a unique Christmas

Use My M&M's® and combine the tasty chocolates to create the perfect decorations. You can personalise them by adding clipart of Father Christmas's hat or a snowman. Or just mix and match colours. Red and white? Green and white? Did you know that green is the official Christmas colour in Nordic countries?
Make your place cards cheery and colourful with the practical and elegant tube. Or use My M&M's® chocolates with an image or message to decorate your biscuits cut into the shape of a Christmas tree. Design a centrepiece that will make you want to skip the meal and go straight to the dessert!

Design You Own M&M's