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Birthday party planning : Discover all of our tasty gift ideas

Birthday Decoration TubeUsing favours is a great way to thank guests for attending your party, as well as providing them with a memento of the occasion. Favours come in a variety of forms, including party hats, balloons and toys. One of the most popular choices is sweet treats, such as chocolates.

Origins of favours

It is traditional in Western cultures for guests at weddings to receive favours. It is thought that this tradition originated in Italy, when trinket boxes containing sugar cubes were given to party guests. At first, the tradition was mainly practised by European aristocrats, but in time the tradition was taken up by the general population. Now, favours are given at other formal occasions, such as engagement parties, anniversaries and birthday parties.

Choosing birthday party favours

There are lots of options available when it comes to choosing party favours for adults. Sweet treats can be presented in a variety of ways, including gift bags, tubes and small cases. Favours are often presented in a small gift bag, but for those who want to choose larger favours there are also boxes of chocolates or sweets available. It is also possible to personalise the favours, such as with your name and date of the event or a photograph or piece of art.

When looking for party favour ideas, it is important to consider the shelf life of the item. This is one reason why sweets and chocolates make suitable favours. Normally, these items will have a fairly long shelf life, so guests can take them home and enjoy them at their leisure. Choosing fresher items such as fruit or flowers will mean that the favours only have a limited shelf life, and if guests have travelled a long way for the party the freshness may fade before they arrive home.

Another important factor to consider is the budget. While it may be a nice idea to give guests a large box of chocolates, this could be quite costly, particularly if it is a large party. Smaller favours, such as little bags of sweets, are available for a reasonable price, so this option may be more suitable for a party with a large number of guests. Smaller favours will also be more convenient for the guests to take home, as they can easily be fitted into a pocket or handbag.

Whatever favour is chosen, it should provide the guest with a memento to enjoy after attending the party.

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