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Birthday party planning : Offer personalised birthday candy

Birthday Gift TubeSo a birthday is approaching, you have the present sorted and now it’s time to buy the card and write that great birthday message that will showcase your feelings towards them but whether that person is your sister/mum/husband or even colleague, writing the perfect message can be a real challenge.

Below are our top 4 tips to remember when creating a birthday message.

1. Buy the right card:

Make sure the card compliments the message. If you plan on writing a heartfelt message to your significant other, a card that portrays love, romance and appreciation would compliment it well, telling part of your message in its own right. On the other hand, if you are to write a humorous message to a friend of yours, a light-hearted card with a joke or amusing story/image will set the tone in the best way. The joke/picture on the card can lead on to a story/reference that fulfils tip number 3 of this article; make it personal.

2. Don’t leave it to the last minute:

Whilst people tend to spend a lot of time and thought on what present to buy for the birthday girl/boy well in advance, the card tends to be an afterthought, bought on the day of the birthday. This should not be the case and a well written message can exceed the importance of the gift. Give yourself adequate time to write the message that you really want to write.

3. Make it personal:

Reference personal memories or future events. Reminisce about how you met them on your first holiday without the parents or motivate them for that upcoming job change that they have wanted to do for so long. Do not just write a generic “happy birthday, have a great day!”; after all, the receiver of the message will appreciate the effort put in.

4. Get creative:

Birthday messages do not have to be written on a card. You could record a video message and play it at the birthday party. You could order a plane to fly over their house with a message on or you could even send them a delicious message in the form of personalised M&M's, with their own little message or pictures on.

With these 4 tips in mind, the next lucky someone to receive a birthday message from you will be blown away by the effort and care you have put in.

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