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Birthdat party planning : Offer an unique and customized birthday gift

Use your Imagination and Create Something Unique

Birthday Decoration TableWe've all done it. You turn over the calendar only to see that a loved one has a birthday coming up. They are one of those people who has everything, and if they don’t have it then they’ll go out and buy it. They are too special to just give a generic present but you have no idea what to buy them. It is with these types of people where a personalised birthday gift makes the perfect present.

But how do you decide what to personalise the item with? How about this for an idea; think back to your best memory with this person - do you have a photo of this moment? If so, you could have the photo printed onto an item such as a cushion, canvas, t-shirt, wine bottle, or if they’ve got a sweet tooth you could choose a personalised birthday candy bag. A bag of candy might usually be considered a thoughtless gift, but not when it is their favourite bag of sweets with a photo of a great memory on the front. If you can’t find a picture of you both that you like, then why not choose birthday gifts personalised with your photo. If the gift is for your partner then you could take a picture of you blowing a kiss, or if it is for a friend you could do your silliest face and have it plastered onto an item for them to laugh at.

However, you don’t have to personalise items with a photo. If your loved one has a quote they like or if you have found one that you think sums them up, then you could have that printed onto something. You could have their favourite poem printed on a canvas, or a quote wrapped around the rim of a wine glass. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a wordsmith, then you might like to try and write something yourself to make it all the more personal to the one you love.

If the gift is for your partner, how about having your names and the date you first met printed on chocolates, a mobile phone case or their favourite bottle of wine. When it comes to personalizing items, the options are endless!

You’ll find that an original personalised gift will get much more appreciation than the classic box of candies from the local supermarket, pair of socks or a new tie. Use your imagination and really think about your best memory or something that means something to them. With a personalised gift you have the chance to make them laugh or even make them cry!

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