Gifts for 21-year-olds

There is a lot to be said for complaints about certain ages being 'difficult to buy for'. Teenagers suffer from over-specific likes that only a parent can (attempt to) satisfy. Children can be frustratingly under-appreciative. But those who've just reached full adulthood are refreshingly simple - they have their feet on the ground and know that it's the thought that counts.


Getting a birthday gift for a 20-year-old isn't easy in every aspect - they still hold onto many teenage passions and clothing can remain a risky area. That said, this unique age group has access to everything that an adult can do, but hasn't got anything to do it with. Have they mentioned going on holiday anywhere? Is their birthday in the summer or the winter? Give this a brief thought before heading to the shops. A summer boy might lack for sunglasses, or some board shorts. A winter girl can never have too many scarves. Birthday gifts are more successful as accessories to clothing than the main parts - this leaves the image-conscious 20-year-old to incorporate the accessory into their look, rather than form their look around your gift.


Children and often teenagers suffer from being picky eaters. This is genetically built into us as a safety mechanism. But as their life opportunities expand, so do their taste buds. A gift idea for a 20-year-old man might come in the shape of foods they once rejected - nutty foods are often a victim of this. Personalized M&Ms, with their face, or name, printed on are a gift that goes down very well. These could be incorporated in or around a homemade birthday cake - but make sure you liaise with the lucky boy's closest family as you don't want to outshine their cake.


If legal at 20, drink never fails to disappoint. Even if the birthday girl doesn't drink, her friends likely will, and she can use it to supplement a good birthday night. Personalised wine - with an inscription on the cork or a user-designed label around the bottle - will score marks for effort. If they're a fan of Game of Thrones (and let's face it, what 20-year-old isn't?), make it red wine and adorn the label with Westeros references, but make sure to include them in it.
However you choose to spoil your 20-year-old, any gift goes down well with an explanation. It could be the most random gift idea going, but so long as you explain the thought process it'll become a cherished memory and something to laugh about. Playing edible Scrabble with alphabet-M&Ms won't be forgotten too soon.

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