Table Decoration Ideas for an Adult’s Birthday Party

It can be difficult to plan an adult’s birthday party. It can be difficult to make sure that you set the right mood with party food, activities and decorations. If you’re planning a celebration for a loved one (or yourself!) for a special birthday, you will have a lot to think about. One thing you may not give much thought to are table decorations, yet the right decorations can really set the tone for a party. Below are some options for you to consider for your table arrangement.


No one can resist sweets at a party, whether they’re 10 or 100. Whether it’s a display of cupcakes and chocolates, jars of old sweetshop favourites or even a bowl filled with small bags of personalised candy these will make your table look amazing and be a party favour for your guests, who will definitely thank you for it.


If you’re celebrating a special birthday, don’t let people forget! Confetti comes in many forms from personalised metallic confetti that could state your name, your age or just Birthday wishes. Alternatively, for a bit of glitz and glimmer, pick up some gem confetti and scatter it on tables so it sparkles under the disco lights.

Disposable Cameras

Great things can happen when all your family and friends come together for a special occasion. Disposable cameras on the tables ensure that you won’t ever forget these moments! Your friends will probably take plenty of snaps of the night that you don’t remember too which will become precious mementos as time passes.


Centrepieces aren’t just for weddings. Whilst you might not want floral arrangements at a birthday party, centrepieces can come in many forms. From cascade centrepieces with sparkling streamers to balloons, many different centrepieces are available which can quickly add decoration to any table. For added effect, base your centrepiece on something you’re passionate about, such as football, music or film. Alternatively, photo centrepieces can look amazing, such as photo cubes containing pictures of other fun times with your guests.

Back to Basics

If you have a theme, make sure you continue it in your table decorations. Even if it’s as simple as a colour scheme, have tablecloths and perhaps even chair covers that match that theme. This can really tie all of the decorations together and guarantee that no matter where your party is, it looks great for your special birthday.

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