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Birthday party planning : Find the perfect gift idea for a woman

Birthday Gift Birthday cakeBuying a birthday gift for a woman can be hard work. Due to a well-known penchant for shopping, many women will have already gone out and purchased whatever it is that they want themselves. If you are a man, buying a gift for a girlfriend or your mother or sister can be a full scale military operation.

Birthday gift ideas for women

So someone you care about has a birthday coming up, but they are female and you have no idea what kind of gift to buy a woman. The secret to success is to know that most women will appreciate a thoughtful gift, no matter how cheap or expensive. You don't need to break the bank to show someone you care.

If you are particularly close to the person in questions and have a lot of memories with them, why not print off a photo and put it in a nice frame for them? If you have a little bit more money to spare, why not buy them a digital photo frame and spend some time pre-loading it with loads of pictures of people that mean a lot to them before you give it to them.

Along the same vein, there are a great deal of gifts you can get personalized; for example personalized sweets gift sets, personalized jewellery and nowadays you can pretty much get a picture or message printed on anything from mugs to iPhone cases and even M&M's.

If they are someone who is lucky enough to have most of the material things they want, a gift experience voucher is a lovely way to send them off to do something they will always remember. If you are giving a birthday gift to two lovers, you can buy them a shared experience, such as a meal for two on the Thames.

If it is just that special woman in your life, be it girlfriend or Mum you are looking to treat, a gift experience for a relaxing spa day would probably be greatly appreciated. A woman's work is never done you know! You can even get gift experience vouchers for really wacky days out, like llama trekking.

If none of the above appeal to you, a sure fire way to ensure they get stuff they actually want and need is by making them a hamper. Get a nice basket and fill it up with all of the things you know they love, large or small, cheap or expensive, this really is a good way to show you have put thought into their present and remembered everything they like.

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