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Birthday party planning : Find the best gifts ideas to celebrate a 40th birthday

Birthday HeartsChoosing the perfect gift for people over 40 usually entails considering a range of factors such as what they already own, while factoring in that their children are most likely grown or leaving the nest, not to mention that their tastes may be in a state of flux. That said, the following are a few tips to help choose the ideal gift for men and women over the age of 40:

Choosing gifts for the over 40 woman

Choosing gifts for a woman over 40 requires a bit of thought and observation to determine her tastes, and consequently what she’ll love. One of those gifts where you can’t go wrong is a pampering service. This is because every woman loves a bit of pampering, making the gift of an all-expenses paid massage, beauty or spa session an ideal choice.
Another great gift idea is a vacation. For couples, going on a vacation to a favourite destination where she’s always wanted to go will make a perfect gift and if she lives alone and prefers a few grandkids by her side while there, why not grant her wish? When considering this option, it's also important to take into account that it should be a destination where she can indulge in most of the activities that she loves such as shopping, visiting museums, being close to nature, and more. If she is very much into reading novels, getting her a collection of new books that you know she’ll love is bound to be a memorable gift. To get an idea of the right books to buy, one should try and find out her favourite writer and genre. That said, getting her the latest bestseller by a favourite author should make for a great gift.

Gift ideas for him

Everyone has a hobby and getting a man over 40 a gift that will enable him to enjoy his hobby more fully is a great idea. If he loves football, for example, getting him a game ticket to a highly anticipated match will get him closer to the action and make a great gift. That said, sentimental gifts should also be considered, such as a professional photograph or painting of him, a poem illustrating his significance in relation to the role he plays for example, as a father if the gift is from his kids, or as a husband if the gift is from the wife. Gifts of comfort and health are also not to be left out and options such as a pedometer if he jogs regularly will certainly help motivate him. Couple that with a gift basket full of natural health products such as cod liver oil, herbs and vitamins, and you have the perfect gift.

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